Aro Café

The Story of Aro Coffee

It takes years to become the person you want to be, to cultivate your own individual tastes, to discover a unique style, to acquire your own personal wisdom. Similarly, it takes time to develop an original coffee blend with a superior taste and its own complex individuality.

Aro Coffee is our full-bodied medium roast, comprising a six origin blend with a Brazil base melding in a harmonious blend of chocolate and citrus flavours. We hand-blend on-site, without the use of large automated machines. Possessing a distinctive complexity that lingers on the palate, Aro Coffee offers a refined, fully realised, incomparable taste.

Ready for a coffee with the intricacy and depth to match your own? Try Aro Coffee and find fulfilment.

Regular blend


Our signature blend, created from 6 origins for smoothness and strength. Try it today!

Decaffeinated blend


The same secret combination blend, with reduced caffeine for those who desire flavour without the jump!